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The AICCI DL1 620C desk lamp has a dynamically adjustable light optimised for computer and office work, ideal for implementing and managing personalised ergonomic lighting. Create the light that fits your work and your eyes. Individually fully adjustable desk lamp light is comfortable for the eyes and promotes well-being. The light that is good for the eyes helps concentration and work performance. Attached at the rear edge of the desk, the luminaire provides excellent and pleasant lighting throughout the working area.

The brightness and hue of the light from the Aicci DL1 620C desk lamps can be controlled via the Casambi app that can be downloaded to your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. You can time and make custom settings of the light. Casambi is an easy-to-use, manufacturer-independent lighting control system developed in Finland and used worldwide that is based on proven Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

AICCI DL1 desk lamp is designed by Päivi Charpentier and Sauli Koukkari. The desk lamps are made in Central Finland by Aicci and are Design from Finland and Key Lable certified.



The durable luminaire is made of white powder-coated steel. The 620 mm wide light head distributes the light in two directions. The brightness and colour temperature of the light are quick and easy to adjust.

- Infinitely variable adjustment of light brightness 0 - 1362 lm
- Infinitely variable adjustment of light colour temperature 2000 - 6500K
- Light distribution down 100%, or down 50% / up 50%
- Excellent colour rendering index CRI >90
- Integrated Casambi Ready light control for iOS and Android devices
- 100% compatible with Casambi wall switches, remote controls, motion and daylight sensors, and other luminaires.
- Under-table cord organiser tray that attaches conveniently to the clamp of the desk lamp (option)
- Power cord cable length 2.5 meters

Light distribution is selectable: direct light distribution, where you direct 100% of the light towards the desk, or a combination of direct and indirect lighting, where 50% of the light is directed to the desk and 50% indirectly to the workstation.

The Aicci DL1 desk luminaire has infinitely variable control of light intensity and light colour temperature. The light is adjustable from warm 2000K to cool 6500K white (so-called daylight 5000 - 6500K). When starting your working day, the light should ideally be brighter and cooler to keep you alert and focused. As the day progresses, the lighting should be warmer to help you relax. 

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