Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long is the SELKA warranty period?

Warranty period is 2 years from date of delivery.


2. What is the difference between SOPIVA, MAHTUVA and ELECTRO

The difference between these models is the design and operation method.


SOPIVA has rounded corners where as MAHTUVA has sharper corners.

How to operate the table:

SOPIVA: Release the handle in the middle of the column, the gas spring will lift the table top higher. Stop the movement with your hands and close the handle.

MAHTUVA: Press handle under the table top and the gas spring lifts the table top higher. Release the handle to stop the movement. To lower the table top, press the handle, hold table top with both hands and use your body weight to press the table down. Release the handle to stop movement.

ELECTRO: The table is working using electricity and the adjusting the height is done either using the UP/DOWN switch on the table or a mobile device or a laptop (Desk Control App).


3. What is the difference between ELECTRO and ELECTRO SMART?  

ELECTRO is an electric table. You need to have the power cord connected to the electric plug to use the table. The cord is 3 meters long.

ELECTRO SMART has a rechargable battery. You can remove the battery and bring it elsewhere for charging. This way you do not need to have the table near the electric plug. You can also use the ELECTRO cable and plug the table to the wall for continuous use.


4. How long does the SMART battery last?

The battery lasts about 75 up or down movements after which it should be charged.


5. My MAHTUVA table does not move?

Hold table with both hands and give it a firm quick press downwards.

This will "wake up" the gas spring, allowing the table to move smoothly again. 


6. What to do if the cable has dropped from the handle?

Loosen the nut of the cable. Hook the tip of the cable in the slit in the handle. Tighten the nuts.

An instructional video will be released soon.


7. How much weight can I put on the table?

SOPIVA and MAHTUVA: The gas spring can vertically lift about 12 kg. If the items put on top of the table top are heavier, you will need to help lift the table with your hand.

We do not recommend placing more than 20 kg on top of the table, as this makes operation more difficult.

ELECTRO and ELECTRO SMART: You can place 30 kg of weight (such as monitor, laptop, keyboard and mouse) while still smoothly adjusting the table top position up/down.


8. What are the payment methods? Can you send an invoice to a company?

Currently you can pay with credit and debit cards on If you need an invoice for your company, please contact us: