We have asked our SELKA users to send us pictures and comments about the tables they have purchased. What kinds of experiences have our customers had?

Well, it wasn’t our specific goal to create a zen working environment, but if that’s the end result, we are more than pleased. :-D

Have a look at the different models in the SELKA work desk product line!

Essi about MAHTUVA XL 90x60 cm

Feb. 9th 2021

Bought this table three months ago and have been using it almost every day since. It fits perfectly my screen, laptop and other small office supplies, like notebooks and coffee mugs. The white table looks modern. Very happy with the product. Would recommend 10/10.

Height adjustable desk MAHTUVA XL from SELKAstore

Keith Y. about MAHTUVA M 68x40 cm

Feb. 5th 2021

Great quality and works perfectly! I like that it's not electric so there are no cords and it's easier to move around. Their customer service is also excellent! The screws were missing from my package but they immediately replied and shipped them out so everything worked out.

Height adjustable desk Mahtuva from Selkastore

Vanja J. about SOPIVA S 50x35 cm

Jan. 14th 2021

Thank you Selka for the wonderful product! At first, I wasn't sure to take Sopiva or Mahtuva, but swift and excellent customer service helped me and made my decision easier. I am more than happy with my new Sopiva table. Kiitos Selka!

Height adjustable desk Sopiva from SELKAstore

Benoit H. about MAHTUVA M 68 x 40 cm

Sept. 14th

Very good build quality. Sleek design. Perfect item for a zen working environment.

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We have tried to the best of our abilities to come up with 21st century furniture; the kind that fits into the home office, even in smaller apartments.

Kati H. about MAHTUVA L 78x50 cm

Sept. 25th

I bought Selka’s MAHTUVA size L desk with spring. The desk is very stable and sturdy and holds even two screens without wobbling. The desk was delivered in a package and was easy to assemble with only one tool, which was included. The height is easily adjustable because of the spring, so you can work standing up. With only one leg, it fits in quite a small space, so it is ideal for home offices.

Selkastore customer stories

Taina A. about MAHTUVA L 78 x 50 cm

Sept. 15th

An awesome and stylish looking table that fits perfectly in the very small space that I have available. And it can be easily moved, since no electricity is needed to maneuver it. Love it <3

Teemu M. about SOPIVA Tammi 50 x 35 cm

Sept. 11th

Excellent table! Handy, nice looking, quality product. Despite being small, it can fit all necessary work equipment.

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When your home becomes your home office, you definitely want furniture with timeless, quality design. Our MAHTUVA and SOPIVA collections were designed by 2019 Finnish Furniture Designer of the Year, Ari Kanerva.


Marieke about MAHTUVA L 78 x 50 cm

Jul. 4th

Love the product, and so does my daughter! Very stylish and high-quality product.

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Teemu L. about MAHTUVA S 50 x 35 cm

Jul. 4th

Very elegant design, flawless finishing, sturdy enough pedestal, great value for money.

Aleksandra M. about MAHTUVA L 78 x 50 cm

Oct. 8th

The table looks very nice and works perfectly as a desk. There is a place for my laptop, coffee, and notebook.

The delivery was very fast and installation quite easy.

I can strongly recommend this product.

Selkastore customer stories

Lennart B. about SOPIVA Tammi 50 x 35 cm

Jul. 24th

Wonderful addition to a work-from-home setup!

It's brilliant to have a place to feel comfortable typing on the laptop, without sitting all the time. Such a beautiful product!

 Selkastore customer stories

“Complements rather than dominates.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Thank you.


Sarah C. about MAHTUVA S 50 x 35 cm

Jul. 8th

Purchased on my brother’s recommendation to improve presentations by standing, I’ll be using my MAHTUVA for online lectures and talks this coming academic year. With a small office, this complements rather than dominates my working space; it’s just brilliant.

Selkastore customer stories


The SELKA tables are height adjustable, but with quality design, they are also durable, sturdy, and stable.


Matthijs W. about MAHTUVA S 50 x 35 cm

Jul. 26th

The perfect work-from-home companion. The desk itself is very stable and has a high-quality office-grade feel to it.

Selkastore customer stories


Last, but definitely not least, we pride ourselves on our quick and reliable delivery times. Outside Finland, we deliver within 10 days; in Finland, within 4 days.


Ville T. about MAHTUVA M 68 x 40 cm

Aug. 19th

The table is steady, feels very well made, and looks great. I can fit my laptop, mouse, phone, notebook, and coffee cup on the table easily, even though the table is relatively compact and does not take up much space.  The delivery of the table was super fast, and it was easy to assemble. Highly recommended!


Have a look at the different models in the SELKA work desk product line!


Please keep those comments coming, and we will update this page with more SELKA experiences!


Mira said:

Ich habe den Tisch bereits seit einem Jahr und bin damit sehr zufrieden. Die Lieferung lief damals trotz Corona unkompliziert und zügig ab, der Aufbau ist super einfach. Aber vor allem den Kundenservice fand ich super nett, freundlich und persönlich.

Alberto Grechi said:

I’m really satisfied about the product but most of all about the after sales service: I received a product with a defect probably due to something happened during shipment… anyway something that obviously you do not hope for but that might happen. The difference in this situations is the experience that you have contacting the brand: in my case they took immediately care of everything and I received a really fast and professional assistance. In few days I received the product I asked for and it is perfect and of great quality. Highly recommended! Eccellente sotto ogni punto di vista (prodotto e servizio)!

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