Refund policy

Do you want to return a product or shipment you received? 

If you are not absolutely satisfied with the products you have ordered, we offer a 14-day exchange and return policy. Please note that you pay only the cost of the return shipping.  

Return instructions 

You have the right to exchange or return one or more of the products in your order. Products returned or exchanged must be in their original packaging (or equivalent) and good condition for sale. The marketable product is unused, intact, and clean. Include a free-form notification with your return shipment, including your contact information, order number, and product numbers of the products to be returned. Please contact SELKAstore before returning the product(s).

The price of the returned products will be reimbursed to you as soon as possible. Please note - Customer return shipments are slower than regular parcel traffic. 

If you do not wish to collect the package, please contact us

Upon delivery of a good you ordered, if you do not want to pick up your package, please contact us by email. The email will serve as a notification that you are returning the product and will save you further processing costs. 

Product replacement 

If you want to exchange the product for another, please contact us. 

Damage in transit 

If a product is damaged during transport, take a photo of the product and the transport packaging, then contact us. It is advisable to keep the damaged or broken transport packaging. 

The claim must be submitted to us within 48 hours from the moment it has been received. We work rapidly and try our best to send a courier to pick up the damaged product within the next 48 hours and process your replacement as soon as possible.

Defective or incorrect product 

If you are sent the wrong product, or the product has a manufacturing or material defect, please contact us. 

Your satisfaction is important to us. 

We will be happy to answer your questions and help with returns. You can call us on +358 3 882 610, send an email to, or leave us a message in our online store or on our Facebook page.