SELKA height-adjustable desks

SELKA is a Finnish furniture manufacturer with decades of experience in manufacturing furniture for public spaces such as restaurants and cruise ships.

In the spring of 2020, SELKA’s operations expanded to the SELKAstore online store, when office workers switched to working from home and there was a massive need for small height-adjustable desks.

SELKAstore’s first product was small SOPIVA desk, which was made at a customer’s request for his home. Now the desks have been sold in more than 30 countries, and SELKAstore’s range has expanded to multi-purpose products related to remote working.

High quality

“The only fault with SELKA tables is that they never break.”

SELKA has been manufacturing furniture for public spaces for decades. The products are designed to last, neat and intact, in the lobbies and bars of cruise ships.

SELKA’s remote working desks are produced with the same uncompromising approach as our furniture for public spaces. The materials carefully selected and meet the standards of public spaces in terms of wear resistance. The quality of the work and finishing is visible in the details of the furniture, the welds and the edges of the desktops.

The thickness and weight of the metal parts also indicate quality and strength. A SOPIVA desk weighs 18 kg and a MAHTUVA desk 20–33 kg, depending on the model.

SELKA’s tables are manufactured at the company’s own factory in Nastola, Finland, by Finnish employees.

Design by SELKA

SELKA’s products are developed by internationally awarded designers. SOPIVA and MAHTUVA desks have been designed by Ari Kanerva, who was chosen as the best furniture designer in Finland in 2019.

The design of the SELKA remote working desk was based on a clear-cut design and a user-oriented approach. The desks are suitable for both homes and offices where a compact workspace is needed. There are plenty of options for the desktop materials and colours, so they fit well into different interiors.

Work from Home

When working remotely, many people risk back or neck injury by working in the wrong positions. This is not surprising, as home offices often have to compromise on ergonomics. People work at home in living rooms, kitchens, or even in closets on top of ironing boards.

A large desk may not fit in the home, and when working with a laptop the workstation does not have to be very wide.

SELKA’s adjustable tables allow the user to sit, stand and change working position several times during the day.

Easy to adjust and move

SELKA’s desk with gas suspension or electric motors make height adjustment easy. Electric tables even have intelligence that takes care of the user: the controller of the ELECTRO electric desks reminds you to change working position with a flashing LED light.

Outside working hours, the desks serve as convenient additional worktops, for example in the kitchen. You can conveniently move the desk from one room to another with the help of optional magnetic wheels.