The Aicci DL1 620C desk lamps allows you to customise lighting by setting and adjusting the optimum light that is comfortable for your eyes and support your well-being. In addition, the Aicci modular desk lamps makes it easy to keep your workstation wires and cords organised.

You can adjust the lighting at your workstation to suit your task and mood. You can light up differently at a different time of your workday, as the light from the lamp can be adjusted and programmed by you to suit your vitality, working day and circadian rhythm. The light of a desk lamp is adjusted to the appropriate light intensity and colour temperature. The manually and automatically adjustable AICCI desk lamp's light controls with a mobile app. Create the right lighting for you, simply by trying out different lighting options.

The task light takes no space on the desk and moves effortlessly with the desktop wherever you want. The wires of the devices can be placed in an under-table cord organiser tray that attaches conveniently to the clamp of the desk lamp. The AICCI DL1 620CS table lamp has a power supply with 3 sockets for easy management of electrical wiring. This makes organisation simple and helps you to keep your workstation, all the time in the appropriate condition for your work.