Selka is a Finnish manufacturer of public space furniture that has been operating since 1985. In this time, Selka has furnished many objects familiar to Finns. You may have sat at a group of our tables on cruise ships in the Baltic Sea or Caribbean. Perhaps in one of the numerous cafés and restaurants all over the world. We work closely with Finland’s leading furniture designers. Our product range includes furniture designed by Ari Kanerva, Tapio Anttila, Timo Saarnio, Yuki Abe, and Markku Pakkanen, for example.


Our story began in the municipality of Pohja, with the need for electronics molds made from aluminum. Eventually, we started making aluminum mold furniture under the name of Selkate ky. Urpo Kallonen, the founder, renamed the company Selka-line Oy. Inspired by the furniture manufacturing tradition in Lahti, he built a new factory in the municipality of Nastola. Durable and high-quality furniture solutions, such as ours, are especially suited to the needs of the shipping industry and restaurants. Our reputation spread far and wide, and Selka’s aluminum-molded furniture components began to be delivered abroad. During the peak years, our exports accounted for more than 50% of production.


The passionate visionaries in our company’s core team— Janne, Jari, Juha, Mika, and Matti —have decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality furniture and long careers at Selka. The goal of this power quintet is to strengthen the furniture market with Finnish know-how and to offer public space furniture in which elegance, ecology, and sustainability play a significant role.


Selka Oy offers timeless and hard-wearing furniture solutions whose primary raw materials are steel, aluminum, and wood—all of which are recyclable. In our own production, we primarily use recycled aluminum and limit the use of fresh aluminum to the casting process of structures that require it.

With the replacement of wearing parts, such as wooden table tops, wooden seats, and upholstery, the product becomes new again. Our replacement system is an excellent ecological and cost-effective solution for the color and style changes required for a company’s brand renewal. In essence, you get a completely new look for public space furniture quickly, effortlessly, and cheaply, with a full-service approach. Contact us and ask for more information!


We offer a wide range of public space furniture for all needs. Selka products combine Finnish steelmaking traditions with modern manufacturing methods. Even more custom furniture solutions are possible, thanks to high-quality surface materials.

In addition to the basic product range, Selka furniture can be customized exactly to customer needs. There are about 150 stock colors ready, in addition to which we can tint and shade the products completely, according to your wishes.

Speed is our advantage; if necessary, we can deliver a restaurant’s furniture in less than two weeks!

“Tell us what you want, and we’ll find ways to make your wishes come true!”


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