Marek Soremski works for a bank, and in his free time trains for triathlon and Ironman races. In both, he finds good use for a SELKAstore standing desk.


Marek uses his SELKA adjustable table when he is working on his computer, both sitting and standing


Eight years ago, Marek Soremski, a native of Poland, decided to change his life. Sitting on his couch, he decided then and there to run a marathon. Six months later on his 30th birthday, he finished his first marathon race. In Manchester in 2018, he ran the marathon in 2:55, his personal best.

It started with running, but this path has led the now-37-year old father of two to find even more challenging goals. His current passion is for triathlon, and later he hopes to compete in an Ironman race, preferably on his 40th birthday.


Marek before and after


Corporate work and triathlon training: one SELKA desk is perfect for both

Marek lives in Katowice together with his wife and two daughters, 10 and 6 years old. He works for a bank, helping corporate customers, which means that a lot of his work is done from his home office.

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“I use my SELKA adjustable table when I’m working on my computer, both sitting and standing”, Marek says.


Marek Soremski's goal is to compete in an Ironman race on his 40th birthday.


When Marek is finished for the day, he often uses the multi-functional SELKA standing desk during his bike exercise.

“When it’s wintertime or the weather is really bad, I do my work-out on a trainer bike and have a tablet, drinks, food and a small fan to cool myself by my side on the SELKA desk”, Marek describes his routine. He usually watches motivational videos on YouTube or sport-related movies on Netflix.

“It’s very convenient with the standing position because I can set the perfect height for the desk to keep my things on during training sessions.”

He also uses the computer to link  his trainer with an interactive game called Zwift. The app has a selection of different training sessions which imitate training outside. The user can select a real location on the map and go for a ride. The game is also community-based in that the users can race with their friends or other real people.

“My SELKA table helps me in my work and in my training: I’m very satisfied with my choice of standing desk”, Marek concludes happily.

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Have a look at the multifunctional standing desks in the SELKA collection!

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