Break workout

The story of Cuckoo began when Veera Lehmonen was doing an internship with her colleague Ida Mänty. Soon they noticed that they were sitting still the whole day nad it worried these young active women. They decided to set an alarm every day at noon and do 100 jumping jacks when the alarm rang. Also other people at the office got interested in this activity and soon joined them every day. In the end the office was filled with laughter and smiles, and everyone felt refreshed after jumping around. After this Veera and Ida wanted to move employees around the globe, and this is when Cuckoo got started!

Easy and fun reminder to stay active during work day

Cuckoo Workout is an easy-to-use break exercise app that activates you to get up and move in a fun way. It reminds you to take breaks from the screen and get physically active. Short but effective 2-3 minute physical and mental exercises boost your productivity and prevent long-term sitting-related illnesses. The gamified platform motivates you to stay active everyday. Cuckoo Workout is a great way to delight your friend, work mate, or better half.