Now that so many people are working remotely, over the past year we have seen a growing trend in employers supporting the coping ability and wellbeing of their employees.
One of our partners is Accountor Finland which provides better ergonomics for employees working remotely: “Employees don’t want just any old big desk in their homes. They want the freedom to choose the furniture that suits their home. So we wanted to offer our staff the benefit of a small discount on items they purchase in the online store,” says Henna Pollari of Accountor Service’s HR department.

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One Selkas partners is Accountor Finland, which provides better ergonomics for employees working remotely.

Henna also has a SELKA desk in her home office, which she says is suited to a variety of purposes and very stylish. “Ordering through SELKAstore was great, and the desk was easy to put together. The table works flawlessly, and the best things about it are definitely is versatility and wirelessness. With this desk, it’s much easier for me to adjust my working posture during the day. In addition, the table is stylish, and it fits in any space as it doesn’t need electricity,” Henna says.

If you want to help your staff to work ergonomically from home, get in touch, and we’ll find a suitable approach together! For businesses, we can offer a wide range of furniture, as well as the option of renting furniture. We handle international deliveries all the time, and managing the ordering process is easy through the SELKA 4Business service platform. Small desks are also easy to relocate to the office later, if they are no longer needed in the home office.

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