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With BASKET storage unit, you get additional storage space under your MAHTUVA, SOPIVA or ELECTRO home office desk. The BASKET can be easily added to the table afterwards, no drilling required. There are three different sizes available: S, M and L.

BASKET helps you keep your desk tidy, hide all the little things lying around your desk or use it as an under desk cable management tray. You can also hang a bag or headphones on the hook of the BASKET. With BASKET you get surprisingly more space to your small home office workstation!

The BASKET storage unit was designed by Design Studio Marjut Nousiainen together with Selka's inhouse design team and it is manufactured in house at Selka’s factory in Finland.

  • Easy to add afterwards, no drilling required
  • Extra storage space
  • Cable management tray
  • Handy hook for headphones or a laptop bag
  • Three size options: S 50, M 68 and L 78 cm


  • S 50 cm x 12,5 cm (inner 11 cm)
    fits with MAHTUVA S and SOPIVA S (front of the table leg), or in L tables you can use this sideways
  • M 68 cm x 12,5 cm (inner 11 cm)
    fits with MAHTUVA M and SOPIVA M+
  • L 78 cm x 12,5 cm (inner 11 cm)
    fits with MAHTUVA L, ELECTRO L and SIT STAND table