Ergonomic desk lamps for computer work

AICCI has manufactured in Finland custom-made lighting fixtures and lighting related products since 2006 for the construction, cruise ship, machinery and furniture manufacturing industry for more than 30 countries.

To improve remote working, the AICCI product range was extended with the ergonomic AICCI DL1 desk lamps, which provide optimal, ergonomically comfortable and fully adjustable light for computer work.

The AICCI DL1 work desk lamps are a well-being and performance supporting lights designed for the small height adjustable computer desks such as SELKA's MAHTUVA and ELECTRO. The AICCI lamps are designed by Sauli Koukkari and Päivi Charpentier.

Lighting for your computer work

Computer work is display screen work with its own requirements, for which general lighting may not be sufficient and which are poorly met by traditional desk lamps.

The desk lamp for the computer work must have sufficiently efficient and its light must be sufficiently wide, even and glare-free. The quality of the light must be adequate: good colour rendering and pleasant hue, with as little light flicker as possible and good efficiency of the light source.

The light source of a good desk lamp is not directly in the field of vision, the lamp is not reflected from the screen, glasses or the surface of the worktop. In addition, illuminate the entire work area evenly, if necessary, also the face softly in the remote meeting.

In addition, a good computer work light needs to be so widely adjustable that you can adjust the light to suit your changing needs, blessing to suit your work and your eyes.

The Aicci 620 DL1 table lamps are designed to meet these demanding lighting needs of computer work.

Desk lamp AICCI DL1 620C

The AICCI DL1 620C desk lamp has a dynamically adjustable light optimised for computer and office work, and ideal for implementing and managing personalised ergonomic lighting.

Create the light that fits your work and your eyes. Individually fully adjustable desk lamp light is comfortable for the eyes and promotes well-being. The light that is good for the eyes helps concentration and work performance. Attached at the rear edge of the desk, the luminaire provides excellent and pleasant lighting throughout the working area.

Desk lamp AICCI DL1 620CS

The AICCI DL1 620CS desk lamp has a dynamically adjustable light optimised for computer and office work, ideal for implementing and managing personalised ergonomic lighting. In addition, the AICCI DL1 620CS has a mains supply unit with 3 sockets. A cable tray is available for both luminaire models that attaches conveniently to the clamp of the desk lamp to ease wires organisation.