Finland was rated number 1 – again – in the most recent World Happiness Report. The report measures happiness by various criteria of well-being, including Gross National Product per capita, the amount of corruption, social support networks, health, generosity and freedom of choice.

Well, we Finns don’t like to beat our own drum when it comes to our accomplishments, so we’ve mostly been downplaying these news while reluctantly acknowledging that we must be doing something right. Still, we at SELKA would like to think that our own little effort in manufacturing quality furniture is a small part of that Finnish success story.

Height adjustable desk that fits in your home

The SELKA story is, after all, quite an unexpected narrative. We started the new SELKA brand quickly after the bankruptcy of the old Selka company, were immediately faced with the black swan of COVID-19 and managed to find success during the year 2020 with a brand new line of classy height adjustable desks ideally suited to the remote work environment people were forced to adapt to.

We made it work with a little bit of innovation, a little bit of fortunate timing, and a lot of hard work. We are now determined to spread our design furniture to Europe, America, Asia, all-over the world. To put it simply, we want to make people happy by giving them proper 21st century tools for their home office. Tables and chairs that fit in every home and any room.

Read the whole story of SELKA’s re-birth.

We provide standing desks and other products that make your work more health-friendly while giving you the freedom to choose your work posture – both sitting and standing at your own level – and even the room you work in. We strive to create high-quality computer desks that both help you with your work and complement your home with their elegant design. We aim to make work and home come together in a seamless way.

White-collar workers no longer slave away in monotony. We like to think the majority of people don’t think of what they do for a living as mindless labour. They think of work as a natural part of their lives and a way to express themselves: their abilities, their ideas, their imagination, their creativity. Their character.

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With COVID-19 moving such a large portion of our work life to our homes, we should re-define the where, why and how of our work life. Working should definitely not occupy our minds 24/7. More than ever, we need time for our loved ones, family, and friends. This is exactly why we need to think of remote working not as a necessary evil but as a part of life that can be smoothly combined with our home life. So that there’s a healthy work-life balance, a time and space for everything.

The kitchen table wasn’t made to be your workstation. Neither was the living room sofa. Take care of your well-being by using a proper height adjustable computer desk that also complements your home and is easy to move from room to room.

Let’s re-think working at home. Let’s re-define work. Together.