Your electric desk ELECTRO is equipped with an intuitive desk panel designed for easy handling, and to help you stay active throughout your working day. We have gathered here instructions how to use desk panel of your electric desk ELECTRO.

Learn how to use it, how to save your own favourite sit-stand positions, how to get notifications of when to stand up, and how to pair your desk with the Desk Control™ App and follow your personal statistics.

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Adjust your electric ELECTRO desk

Adjusting your electric desk ELECTRO is easy. Gently push the entire panel – either up or down – and you have the desk moving. Press until the table is at your preferred height.

If you have set a favourite height, the desk will automatically stop for about one second when it reaches the right height. If you continue to push the panel, the desk will continue to drive until you release it.

Store your favourite sit-stand positions

You can store two different desk heights in the desk panel of your ELECTRO desk. This helps you to always have the desk at your preferred height – sitting or standing – and ensures optimal ergonomics for your work day.

When storing a desk position, start by moving it to a position you want to store. Then have a look along the edge of the desk panel. To the right you will see the ⭐  ‘star’ button. Press the button for two seconds. In the saving process, the LED will flash twice. When the LED turns into a static white light, your current position has been stored and you can release the button.

Overwrite existing positions

If you have stored 2 positions and want to overwrite these, adjust the desk to the new position and save by pressing and holding the ⭐  ‘star’ button for 2 seconds. The prior stored position closest to this height will then be overwritten.

Erase stored positions

If you want to clear all your stored positions, press and hold the ⭐  ‘star’ button for eight seconds. When the LED diode in the edge of the panel flashes red, the action has been completed. Now you can start again and store new positions.

Drive to stored positions

Once you have stored one or more preferred positions, adjusting your desk between these positions is really easy. Push or tilt your desk panel – up or down – and hold the pressure until the desk stops at your stored position.

This is how you can change from sitting to standing (and back) without looking at the desk panel at all.

Enjoy automatic drive (optional feature)

If your desk panel is a full version, your desk can drive automatically between your favourite height positions (‘automatic drive’).

By double-tapping the panel up or down - your electric desk will move to the closest of your stored positions. If you like to stop movement before it reaches the stored position, tilt/tap the desk panel again once and the desk will instantly stop moving.


Ready to move? Receive sit-stand reminders

Your desk panel includes a ‘reminder’ function – an LED that shows you when it is time to stand:

There is a clear desk panel in your ELECTRO electric desks

  • Green light: You are all balanced – no need to move yet.
  • Orange light: Raise your desk, it is time for you to stand up!
  • Once you have moved, the orange light will go back to green.

You decide your sit-stand intervals

You can decide how often you want to be reminded to stand, and for how long. You can choose from pre-configured intervals. But of course, you can also set your own. We recommend you start by standing up for five minutes every hour. Over time you can extend the interval to 10 or maybe 15 minutes.

Note: Standing up for too long is not good either. It is the change between sitting and standing that gets you all the benefits. When standing long, it is good to wear ergonomic shoes. See our Ergonomic shoe collection here.

How to set a reminder

It is easy to set a reminder. There is a button at the left edge of your desk panel. Push it in order to choose which of the three intervals you prefer. The LED light intensity indicates the chosen interval:

  • Interval 1 (weak LED intensity): ‘Remind me after 55 minutes of sitting’
  • Interval 2 (medium LED intensity): ‘Remind me after 50 minutes of sitting’
  • Interval 3 (bright LED intensity): ‘Remind me after 45 minutes of sitting’

As a default, your desk panel is set to ‘Interval 1’. When no white light is lit, the reminder function is turned off.

Pair with the Desk Control App

If you wish to design your own personal intervals, please download the Desk Control™ App on your smartphone. 

How to connect

Press the Bluetooth® button for two seconds to enable the pairing mode. The LED diode will flash blue. Open the Desk Control App and look for your desk in the list of “Desks nearby”.

Download the Desk Control App (free)


Reset your desk panel

If you want to reset your desk panel, there are three options for you:

  1. Memory position reset
    Press and hold the ⭐  ‘star’ button for 8 seconds until the light has flashed red.
  2. Reminder reset
    Press and hold the ‘bell’ button for 8 seconds until the light has flashed red.
  3. Factory reset
    Press and hold the ⭐  ‘star’ button and ‘bell’ button for 8 seconds until the light has flashed red.
  4. Control unit basic setting reset
    Push the panel down (in bottom position) and keep the pressure on the button 6 seconds. At certain error types this must be done twice.


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