Remote work is here to stay. This is the reality for millions of telecommuters all over the globe. While some might still be struggling with the concept, many have noticed that the idea of bringing together home and work is not necessarily such a bad idea.

A new kind of work environment, however, requires new kinds of furniture: modern computer desks, laptop desks, height adjustable standing desks. Particularly for people working at home in smaller apartments in cities, a massive traditional writing desk is not a practical alternative. 

Have a look at the popular models in the SELKA standing desk collection!


The SELKA collection features standing desks of different sizes for different needs with alternatives ranging from S to XL. The S sized small computer desks have tabletops of 50 by 35 centimetres (20 by 14 inches). This is perfectly suited for a laptop, mobile and a cup of coffee or bottle of water, which is all a lot of people need. 

A small computer desk with quality design is the most important thing in your home office

If you need more room for an external display and a pile of papers, you can choose from a selection of larger tabletops: M = 68 by 40 cm (27 by 16 inches) , L = 78 by 50 cm (31 by 20 inches), XL = 90 by 60 cm (35 by 24 inches).

A 21st century standing laptop desk is small enough to move around in the apartment and fit into different parts of the apartment depending on time of day. On top of that, high-quality standing laptop desks are both stylish and durable.

The easy moveability of the SELKA tables means that they are multifunctional. You can place your workstation where ever you want during your working hours, for instance from the living room to the bedroom, when your kids are back from school or daycare. But the SELKA standing desks are also very much useable as small work desks in the kitchen or laptop desks by the bedside.

A small computer desk with quality design is the most important thing in your home office

The main point is that the kitchen table or the living room sofa were never meant to be your workstation. By purchasing a stylish and durable home office standing desk that suits your apartment perfectly, you really can work at home in a healthy way. 

Have a look at the different models in the SELKA work desk product line!