The adjustable desk enables you to easily adjust the computer desktop exactly to your preferred height. This enables you to work standing as well as sitting, and to change your working position as often as you like. You can also use different kinds of chairs, as the work table can always be adjusted to the height you want.
The height of the home office work desk should be adjusted so that your elbows are at the same level as the table top. You can find your own ideal height simply by experimenting with different alternatives.

In the manually adjustable MAHTUVA and SOPIVA computer desks, the height of the desktop can be controlled using a gas spring. The MAHTUVA desks are easy to adjust by means of a lever placed under the table top, and the height of SOPIVA tables can be controlled using a handle situated on the column of the table.

The electric computer table ELECTRO in the SELKA product range can be controlled using a control panel or a mobile app. With the application, you can raise your working experience by saving your favorite working positions and calculating your calorie intake. You can also get reminders that urge you to change position, and extensive statistics show you your daily achievements—all to help you build a healthy routine during the workday.