In a lot of home offices, it isn’t necessarily practical to use large computer tables or desktops in the same way as in traditional office spaces. Luckily, modern computer and laptop desks, such as can be found in the SELKA product range, are so multi-functional that there genuinely isn’t need for larger desks.

Have a look at the different models in the SELKA work desk product line!

Computer desk for home office by SELKAstore

An adjustable laptop desk allows you to set the height of the desktop exactly as you wish. The height of the desk can easily be changed during the workday, which guarantees ergonomically correct health friendly work positions.

The ideal width of the computer desk depends on individual needs. If you’re happy to work with a tablet, perhaps with a small keyboard, a small computer desk is sufficient for your needs. However, if you favor a full-sized laptop with a mouse and an external display, and typically browse through stacks of paper and drink coffee throughout the day, you should opt for a larger tabletop, for instance a 68 * 40 cm (ca. 25 * 15 inch) model.

Of course, in addition to work a computer table can be used for a variety of needs. Some people spend their nights watching streaming services, some monitor social media constantly, while others might still enjoy writing longer texts on their laptops. There are different-sized small computer desks for all purposes.

Modern computer desks are manufactured in a way that allows multi-functional use. You can use the laptop desk as a corner table in the kitchen or a side table in the bedroom, a gaming desk or for whatever purpose around the house you wish. You can even carry the table to your balcony on a nice sunny day.

Have a look at the different models in the SELKA laptop desk product line!