Here you find instructions how to assemble and adjust SELKA's height adjustable desks Mahtuva, Sopiva, Electro and Sit Stand.


How to assemble the MAHTUVA height adjustable desk?



MAHTUVA assemble instructions in .pdf.

How to adjust the MAHTUVA standing table?


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How to assemble the SOPIVA height adjustable desk?


SOPIVA assemble instructions in .pdf.

How to adjust the SOPIVA height adjustable desk?



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How to assemble the ELECTRO height adjustable desk?

ELECTRO assemble instructions in .pdf and quick start guide .pdf.

Different ways to adjust the ELECTRO standing table



How to use ELECTRO desk? Here you find detailed information!

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How to assemble the SIT STAND height adjustable desk?

SIT STAND assemble instructions in .pdf.

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