Save office space 30%

A small and compact computer desk can save you a lot of space, and our range of desks has everything you need to create a workspace for your home or office — with designs that maximise space and keep worktops clear.

Selkas multifunctional desks save space in your office

All you need for your office

Convertible furniture like our desks save room, as they can be used as both a standing desk and standard desk for those who would rather sit. Connected together, desks work also as a conference table. For B2B customers, we can make customized 4Business models from our popular desks, which are suitable for both office and home office use.

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“Ordering through SELKAstore was great, and the desk was easy to put together. The table works flawlessly, and the best things about it are definitely is versatility and wirelessness. With this desk, it’s much easier for me to adjust my working posture during the day. In addition, the table is stylish, and it fits in any space as it doesn’t need electricity,” Henna Pollari from Accountor Finland says.

SELKA 4Business offers home office furniture as a service

The popular SELKA height adjustable desks are now available in our SELKA for Business service. The SELKA 4Business model offers companies customized low-cost home office furniture as a service. Company employees can order themselves workstations, delivered home, with an easy ordering system, which works globally. This unique service simplifies the work of the company's HR department.

5 benefits using SELKA 4Business home office furniture service:

-High quality and ergonomic remote working furniture

-Simple ordering process, minimizes work of HR

-Online ordering platform

-Global and fast home delivery

-Possibility to rent furniture

The hybrid work model is considered by many people accustomed to remote working to be the most productive way of working. Why drag to the office if your calendar is full of online meetings or focused work tasks? On the other hand, many look forward to meeting colleagues and spontaneously sharing information in the office. The freedom to choose increases employee motivation and makes it easier to reconcile work and everyday life.

The SELKA 4Business model offers companies customized low-cost furniture collection and an easy ordering platform through which company employees can order workstations delivered home, globally. This unique service simplifies the work of the company's HR department and is quickly tailored to your company's needs. Once the desired furniture packages have been viewed together, we take care of the rest: from the ordering process to the delivery of the furniture.

Please contact us for further information. We are more than happy to help find the best SELKA 4Business service for you.